**Chema Guerra** ![Die-hard coder + Long-distance runner](images/chemaguerra-header.jpg) Links =================================================== This page is a hub with links to my social media and such. I occasionally post on my [Brash & Plucky](https://brashandplucky.com/) blog about the projects that I am working on. (###) Company links * [Maverick Render](https://maverickrender.com/) * [Maverick Excelsior](https://maverickexcelsior.com/) * [ArionFX](http://arionfx.com/) * [RandomControl](https://randomcontrol.com/) (###) Personal links * [Blog (Brash & Plucky)](https://brashandplucky.com/) * [X/Twitter (@chemaguerra)](https://twitter.com/chemaguerra/) * [Instagram (@brashandplucky)](https://instagram.com/brashandplucky/) * [YouTube (@brashandplucky)](https://youtube.com/@brashandplucky/) * [Linktree (@chemaguerra)](https://linktr.ee/@chemaguerra/) (###) Experimental stuff * [X/Twitter (@topotoygames)](https://twitter.com/topotoygames/) * [Topotoy Games](https://topotoy.com/) Short Bio =================================================== This is a brief summary of my journey so far as a researcher/developer: - _circa 1983_. Discovered computers at age 5-7. Started reading every manual or magazine I could get my hands on about games, BASIC, assembly, ... I had occasional access to an MSX micro-computer I would practice with. - _circa 1987_. After insisting for years, I miraculously (thanks, mom) got my own first computer: a Philips NMS 9100 (Intel 8088). - My childhood was taken over by GW-BASIC, Turbo Pascal, and x86 assembly. Then I jumped over to C and C++, which are still my weapons of choice. - _1995_. Studied Computer Engineering (a 6-year degree). Meanwhile I worked as a programmer in the medical visualization field so I could afford my tuition. Every spare minute was otherwise spent on a myriad of personal coding projects; mostly custom game engines and such. - _2001_. Started my PhD in applied math. - _2001_. I co-founded Feversoft SL (my first company). We offered real-time architectural visualization services using bespoke tech. We experimented a lot with stereoscopic displays, tactile surfaces, ... - _2004_. I created fryrender to address the light-baking needs we had in some of those projects. Eventually, fryrender became one of the very first physically-based render engines in the world. - _2006_. First public release of fryrender as a stand-alone product. - _2008_. I founded [RandomControl SLU](https://randomcontrol.com/) to focus exclusively on fryrender and further rendering endeavours. - _2011_. Arion was released, superseding fryrender. Arion was one of the very first GPU-accelerated render engines in the market. - _2014_. [ArionFX](http://arionfx.com/) was released. - _2017_. Development of [Maverick Render](https://maverickrender.com/) started. - _2019_. First public releases of Maverick Studio and Maverick Indie. - _2023_. First public release of [Maverick Excelsior](https://maverickexcelsior.com/).
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